iA as strateguc training strategy

iA as a Strategic Training Approach

I passionately believe: 1) That any information architecture (iA)needs to span more than one insular organization or it, in and of itself, just becomes one more stand-alone methodology and 2) That structure paradoxically engenders freedom by eliminating useless redundancy of content and effort.


Frugal Innovation approach

“The frugal innovation” is synonymous with quality products and services, accessible to all. Sam Pitroda, an ardent advocate of this approach, wants to make innovation the driving force of growth.


The Pricing of Social Innovation

Over-design & over-price products / services. Whether destined for emerging markets or developed markets, firms make similar mistakes when designing and pricing social innovations.


Six Sigma ‘killed’ innovation

Firms must define innovation and how it fits into the company’s objectives. They should then provide the right support and avoid rigid processes hindering the creative process.

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