Creating an Innovative Organization

Innovative organizations do not miraculously come into existence. Rather, they are created by leaders who establish the conditions necessary to bring out the innovative ideas within everyone.


Is Innovation overrated?

On the web, we can read articles saying that companies & people overrated Innovation. Arguments are clear: consumers that would like some products do not especially want innovative products. These consumers need very good products, with the right price… It seems to be absolutely true, isn’t it?


Shifting to a more efficient business model

It is really simple to think in terms of innovation as a “closed” activity where the company owns the information by different means. Research is performed, new ideas come up, and new businesses are developed. This linear analysis however is missing several advantages than can be obtained by shifting the process to an open innovation model.


10 ideas from Innovative Companies

Innovation isn’t this abstract thing that some companies have and some don’t. Innovation is actually a business skill that executives and employees can develop and master.


Is analogies concept helping companies?

When faced with something new, we usually look for similarities to the familiar. And the more commonalities we find, the more readily we accept the new.


Seniors to rescue innovative start-ups

An entrepreneur has created an incubator in which intergenerational experienced executives are helping young entrepreneurs motivated. “Switzerland, Canada, the North … everyone pulls seniors.


Innovative HR concepts: Generations Pact

Deutsche Post DHL has just been awarded the German Industry Innovation Award in the category of “innovative HR concepts” for its Generations Pact, a trend-setting model for designing and facilitating age-based working solutions.


How play at work can lead to innovation

What is play, compared to brainstorming or innovating? Play is directed by the player and you’re not anxious or grinding toward some outcome. There’s improvisation potential and it takes you out of time and gives pleasure.

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