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Babolat: Show how they innovate

Eric Babolat, Chairman and CEO of the oldest tennis company in the world, unveiled the French manufacturer’s futuristic racket technology.Called ‘Play and Connect’, the technology involves the placement of tiny sensors into the handle of a racket, allowing technical data to be collected and analysed to help players improve their game.

  TOP6 - Social Media

Social Media: how to Innovate?

Did you know that there are more devices connected to the internet than there are people on the entire planet? This global pipeline of data keeps the world connected, and nowhere is its presence is felt more strongly than in social media. Every minute of the day tens of thousands of tweets are exchanged on Twitter and hundreds of thousands of pieces of content are posted to Facebook.


Q1 2013: TOP5 Internet Browsers

For last 5 years, main evolutions are Internet Explorer (IE) position divided by 2 from 68% to 32%, Chrome started from nothing to the first position with 38%, low reduction from Firefox from 28% to 24% and low progress for Safari from 4% to 8%.


Q1 2013: Worldwide Tablet Market

Using the data from December & January, we get the following market share split by platform. This projection is likely to be somewhat conservative for Android tablets. Display shipments in February are likely to be closer to January’s figures, as compared to December, which puts the iPad’s market share under even more pressure.


TOP20 to Boost Your Creativity

Creativity is all about finding new ways of solving problems and approaching situations. This isn’t a skill restricted to artists, musicians or writers; it is a useful skill for people from all walks of life. If you’ve ever wanted to boost your creativity, these tips can help.


Why uncreative companies survive?

“Creativity? What’s that? I don’t want my people to be creative”, said the owner and CEO of a very successful company. About ten years later his company, an important financial services company, has grown very profitably and it is still doing very well.


Six Sigma ‘killed’ innovation

Firms must define innovation and how it fits into the company’s objectives. They should then provide the right support and avoid rigid processes hindering the creative process.


Europe: TOP4 leaders on Innovation

This post is based on an European memo provided on March 26, 2013 about Innovation Union Scoreboard. It provides an overview of the research and innovation performance of EU Member States and associated and neighbouring countries, as measured by the Innovation Union Scoreboard 2013.


BOYD: your employer’s Policy?

In January 2013, the Future of Work campaign was launched, profiling Canadian businesses that are using technology to gain a competitive advantage and transform how they operate. BOYD, Bring Your Own Device, meaning to use personal device for professional usage.


6 Ways to Unleash Creativity in Workplaces

The demand for creativity from employees is rising in this age of rapid technological advancement. This is evident when we see multinational companies like Google setting up something known as a the 20 percent program or policy where Google developers get to spend 20 percent of their working hours (a day at work) on side projects.

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