IT: Mobility


Mobility: Still Waiting Perfect Win Hybrid

Despite my early optimism for Windows 8 and its potential for interesting laptop-tablet hybrids, I must make a confession: I haven’t gotten around to buying one yet. It’s not because I lack the funds or the knowledge of what’s available. For the right machine, I’d be willing to spend $1,000 or more –it would serve the purpose of two devices, after all–and I’ve tested a handful of PCs that fall roughly within that range.


Mobility: Google Glasses

Future of Google “Project Glass” Bringing Augmented Reality Glasses Here Now. Watch the film that present it!


Mobility: employees demand more to devices

In 2013, mobile devices are likely to get closer to reaching their full potential. Employees are increasingly relying on them for a wide range of enterprise tasks – from basic to mission critical – such as checking inventory, updating customer information, monitoring sales, changing manufacturing schedules, diagnosing patients, dispatching first responders, or facilitating thousands of other transactions that, until recently, required a desktop or laptop computer.

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