IT: Big Data


Big Data: PRISM by Numbers

The Washington Post reported that the government’s monitoring of American’s data goes much, much deeper. The FBI and the National Security Agency are mining the servers of the country’s biggest technology companies for the purpose of hunting spies and terrorists. The program, code-named PRISM, is massive in scope and involves web services that many Americans use every day.


Big Data: barriers to its adoption

IT and business leaders nearly universally believe in the value of big data, but many current projects are underdelivering on expectations, a survey indicates. The survey by IDG Research and big data solution provider Kapow Software suggests that companies are having trouble gathering actionable business insights from big data fast enough.


Big data: data analysis revolution for when?

On Big Data, there are some summits every month in town from United States, Uk, Ireland, Germany and India. In all of each, there are: 1. 80+ Industry Speakers, 2. 1000+ attendees, 3. 25+ hours of information given and 4. 50+ case studies proposed.


Big Data: be enthusiasts!

The analysis firm IDC says the world’s information is doubling every two years. With this rate of data production, it means that some of the data is falling by the wayside when it is not put to immediate use.

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