Industry in Europa


Audi, Mercedes & Volvo: Driverless car

4 automobiles manufacturers experimenting diverless prototype: Audi, Mercedes, Toyota and Volvo.


i3D: most innovative polish company

Poland’s top-ranked company, software developer i3D, reported a whopping 2,254 percent growth over the past five years, according to the ranking. Yet a number of reports and statistics show that Poland lags in the innovation stakes compared to the rest of the European Union.


Arçelik: most innovative Turkish company

Arçelik A.Ş., the strategic partner of the Turkish Innovation Week organized by Turkish Exporters Assembly (TEA) for the first time at Istanbul on 6-8 December 2012, has been granted “The Most Innovative Turkish Company” award by Turkish Exporters Assembly.


NGINX: host 12% of the world’s websites

For being the server to web stars. Between WordPress, Hulu, Netflix, Pinterest and Wikipedia, Nginx hosts about 12% of the world’s more than 630 millon websites and gained about 2 million new hostnames in December 2012.


Fermob: To innovate & to internationalize

Bernard Reybier bought in 1989 the company installed Thoissey in Ain, a region of France. It manufactures furniture iron since 1953 and reduced to a workshop of 10, suffers from devastating competition from plastic.


Chicorée Leroux: Rewarded for innovation

It is a venerable institution of 155 years, the company Chicorée Leroux, which dusts, thanks to the price of industrial innovation in the North / Pas-de-Calais, a region of France, a bit outdated image linked to its flagship product, chicory.


Expliseat: Featherweight & innovative seats

Expliseat is a young company created in 2011 by three young engineers.The French start-up presented for the first time his seat aircraft called “Titanium seat” that weighs only 4 kg, or half a conventional seat. According to the project partners, it could reduce 3 to 5% fuel consumption.


Lafarge: Places innovation on its strategy

The manufacturer of building materials Lafarge intends to place “innovation at the heart of his strategy”, said the group’s CEO Bruno Lafont, who wants to reach 450 million to innovation of the period 2012-2015.


Babolat: Show how they innovate

Eric Babolat, Chairman and CEO of the oldest tennis company in the world, unveiled the French manufacturer’s futuristic racket technology.Called ‘Play and Connect’, the technology involves the placement of tiny sensors into the handle of a racket, allowing technical data to be collected and analysed to help players improve their game.


Rossignol: Innovation & Manufacturing

The Rossignol company continues their relocation to France. Its policy of relocation is heralding the return on French soil a part of its production carried out in Asia, a policy justified by the improved competitiveness of France.


SAP: To industrialize your mobile center

Today, the top 5 devices activated are iPhones and iPads and enterprise adoption of smartphones is reaching 80%. App development has also accelerated. Companies who were experimenting with a handful of business apps are now deploying dozens or even hundreds of apps. Given the proliferation and impact of mobile, it’s easy to see why scaling mobile innovation is now critical.

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