Google: new tablet tailored for 3D


The Mountain View company plans to produce from June 2014, 4000 tablets equipped with cameras, infrared sensors and software to capture images of 3D objects .

After glasses connected (and before clothing) , Google continues its momentum in innovation by developing a tablet with this time function for capturing images of 3D objects. Google is about to start production next month of tablets equipped with two cameras located on the back cover but also infrared sensors and specialized software to capture precise images of objects 3D .

These tablets , with a size of 7 inches are for the moment the prototype stage but could be officially announced during the annual Great Mass Google I / O addressing developers , which will be held 25 and 26 June in San Francisco.

It has been several months that Google is working on another generation of mobile devices , especially with the announcement of the Tango project in February and a prototype smartphone also equipped with sensors and 3D display technologies. This tablet would be another piece of development of Google in the field of advanced 3D functions with mobile devices, including improved navigation inside buildings and in stores (indoor) or to increase the immersion in 3D applications including video games . An area where Facebook is precisely positioned by placing the hand on the startup Oculus VR for $ 2 billion in March.

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