iA as a Strategic Training Approach

Very interesting article that gives all basic information about data management & information architecture. To increase the flexibility, the data management is key for a company.


These are slides and speaking notes from a presentation I made recently to a corporate training group.

Slide1 I passionately believe…

1) That any information architecture(iA)needs to span more than one insular organization or it, in and of itself, just becomes one more stand-alone methodology…

2) That structure paradoxically engenders freedom by eliminating useless redundancy of content and effort…

3) That lifting the burden of imposing structure off the backs of information creators not only defines a strategic direction, but also provides a tactical method…

4) That the unchecked proliferation of information is one of the most challenging issues for the 21st century…

Defining an Information Architecture

Slide3 The solutions to most significantly complex problems are as much art as they are science. There is that about them that requires inspiration and often times a leap of faith… and a ball of string so we can back-track when we get…

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