Expliseat: new seats featherweight and innovative


New headquarters at the Hamburg exhibition

The French start-up Expliseat presented at the Hamburg Aircraft Interiors, its new headquarters lightweight, specially designed for economy class cabins of low cost airlines.

Expliseat, french start-up created in 2011

Expliseat is a young company created in 2011 by three young engineers: Benjamin Saada (Ecole des Mines de Paris), Jean-Charles Samuelian (Ecole Ponts ParisTech) and Vincent Tejedor (École Normale Supérieure). The French start-up presented for the first time his seat aircraft called “Titanium seat” that weighs only 4 kg, or half a conventional seat. According to the project partners, it could reduce 3 to 5% fuel consumption.

Titanium fit particularly to A320 & B737

With headquarters Titanium is Expliseat airlines operating on the market of economic classes making short and medium haul. They fit particularly at Airbus aircraft A320 and Boeing B737 (2 rows of 3 seats separated by a central corridor).

Objective to ensure 100 to 200 aircrafts

In the short term, the objective is to ensure a backlog of 100 to 200 aircraft in line with the production capacity of the company, as leaders, can double the rate every 6 months thanks to its industrial model , the vast majority of parts used in the construction of seats is made in France, mounting and assembly is, in turn, entirely made in Toulouse.

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