How to encourage creative thinking?


Almost every creative thinking tool or process encourages you to be creative with ideas. It seems logical, doesn’t it?

If you want creative ideas, pump your creativity into generating them. Based on what we know about how the brain generates ideas, however, it’s wrong. You should focus your creativity on how you formulate your goals.

To understand why, let’s take a peak into our brains. When you are trying to generate ideas to achieve a goal, your brain looks for ideas closely associated with the goal. For instance, if you are trying to come up with ideas for a new body lotion product, your brain will most likely search through your notions related to body lotion. You will think about your company’s products, your competitors’ products, packaging and so on. Most likely, you will come up with ideas that could lead to incremental improvement, like lotion with perfumes or for special skin types.

Focus Creativity on Sexy Goals

How your formulate your goal inspires the kind of ideas you have. So, instead of using a typical, boring brainstorming kind of problem statement, you should concentrate on questioning the goal and the urges you to use your creativity to come up with a sexy goal — that is a goal that is interesting, provocative and desirable. The purpose of the sexy goal is to stimulate you to look in unexpected parts of your memory storage system — or brain — for ideas.

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