Seniors to rescue innovative start-ups


An entrepreneur has created an incubator in which intergenerational experienced executives are helping young entrepreneurs motivated.

“Switzerland, Canada, the North … everyone pulls seniors. So I said why not us? “After eight years abroad, Denis Jacquet, 47, a graduate of HEC multirecidivist contractor, designed the Growth Accelerator , a business incubator in which managers leaders are detached retirement of large groups to support young entrepreneurs develop their start-up.

For seniors, a “second career”

Headquartered in Boulogne-Billancourt in the district of Pont de Sèvres, the Growth Accelerator extends over 700 m2 and will be operational in a few weeks. Meanwhile, the recruitment of seniors have already begun. Denis Jacquet currently discussing the detachment of several executives at SFR, Alcatel, Sanofi, Lafarge and Alstom. “After a while, the big companies do not know use their senior laments Françoise Daut-Vallier (63), former Senior Executive at IBM and in charge of recruiting seniors for Growth Accelerator. Instead of letting them end up in the closet, so we give them the opportunity to revitalize their skills and, if possible, to start a new life or a second career. ”

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