Google 2013: great year of business?


In fact, like many businesses, 2013 Google attitude is rather refocus its business on his heart craft the search.

This is why they have gradually eliminated non-core activities: iGoogle Reader, Knol, Waves … and full of smaller services.

In fact Google is like all companies on a growth market, which develop new products and services, via a vertical expansion (products upstream or downstream of their heart the art, for example Youtube is looking after a system operating as Android …) or horizontal (complementary to its business as a Social Network like Google Plus, Chrome, …).

So it is likely that Google will offer new features to its basic services, and they will try to strengthen in products that are growing or potential.

Which Google products emerge clearly Landscape 2013?

The search and Adwords are and will remain the cash cow of Google, and in its wake there Youtube.

Google in 2013 will be in my two signs:

  • Mobility

Always with an effort on Android, and I hope finally a change of Motorola, because at the moment it’s disappointing. But as it takes 1 to 2 years to make a revolution in the area of ​​Mobile, be patient.

There is also Google Glass, which is being developed and is currently in beta testing .

  • The Social Media:

2013 will be the year of Google Plus, otherwise the service will be discontinued because it has not reached a place of 1st or second in its market. Google’s strategy be leader or not to be

One of the “killer app” is Google Hangout, but it still lacks a real added value to the service, which is used exclusively for SEO, and therefore by no means the vast majority of users.

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